Flagship stores

2019 / 03 | Magazine | Events

Interior design, an art that seeks the perfect synchrony between space and man.The combination between space and its use.
As in the creation of a tailored suit, the design of an environment must also be “sewn” according to the space and its content to enhance its each and every aspect.
Based on this premise, our studio created a concept for Mumoon, a young brand that needed a new image for its flagship stores, which was in line with the mood of the company’s own design.
The Nordic landscapes and dense forests of Northern Europe, where the light filters diagonally between the tree branches and the landscapes take on pastel-coloured shades, were the inspiration for our project. Nordic charm.
The store’s first entrance has been designed more as an installation than as a traditional store. From outside, you sense that if you go inside, you will see something other than a typical store. It is not just a display of objects, but something more: the expression of the world that represents Mumoon.
Mumoon’s entrance includes an invitation to cross the threshold with a yellow neon sign positioned in the window, and the chirping of birds and other sounds that are typical of a Nordic forest.
True-to-scale photographic panels with a 360-degree view have been backlit as part of the installation, immersing the visitor in the middle of a forest. The products are hung from life-sized, physically reproduced trees.
A smooth concrete creates a sort of path. Sounds, smells and images take us into a dreamlike world where design blends with the landscape and the physical space is confused with the space created by an optical illusion.
The hanging lights appear to inhabit the “Mumoon forest”, becoming an integral part of it.
After having passed through the Mumoon world, you enter the real exhibition space. The walls have a uniform colour, a light blue pastel, white and a birchwood finish. Shades that help the product stand out and North European colours: blue to recall the sky and birchwood, which is typical of Northern Europe.
Light, plain and elegant colours that help to enhance the products on display.
The uniformity of the environment and materials contrasts with a play on overlapping panels which, depending on their thickness, become platforms, backdrops or display units.
In this way, the stage is set where products are inserted into a micro design environment. Visual pathways that give scenic and visual ideas for the use of the product.
Large cubes outline and divide the scenery, as well as being multifunctional display units.
The walls are equipped with frames and the product positioned within is enhanced like a jewel.
A third, more private space has been designed in the innermost part of the store, separated by a curtain of real trees where the forest theme returns to the fore. A private area where projects can be scrutinised and customers who would like to find out more can be welcomed with videos and catalogues.
The different function of this space is sensed immediately. The light blue of the display walls gives way to anthracite grey. An elegant and private environment, a small tea room, a bar area and a meeting area, designed like a living room, have been conceived for this purpose.
The finishing, shapes and colours represent the simplicity of the new flagship stores conceived for Mumoon. They are stores where the visitor is invited on an enjoyable journey and where everything has been calculated to recreate the idea of elegance and the natural feel that the brand wants to convey. All this to recreate the Nordic mood that ties the Mumoon spirit to its creations.

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