Philip Ding

Don’t design something useless. If you do, then make it more beautiful and practical!

As one of initiator of MUMOON, Philip Ding embarked on lighting industry in year 1997. He has rich experiences in the design and production of modern lighting, as well as unique thinking and perspective especially for the structure processing of modern lighting. He is good at dexterously put the market trend, advanced materials and his unique ideas to use. For these years, relying on his perseverance and firm belief, he has been insisting on innovative designs, attempting to arose people’s attention to Chinese creation and love of life through introducing original designs. By accident, Philip Ding made acquaintances of the well-known industrial design master Robin Delaere and industrial designers of Dos Design, a design office in Italy, and co-founded the international brand-MUMOON in Belgium, continuously creating uniquely original products.