Mario Tsai

MARIO TSAI STUDIO was founded in Hangzhou in the summer of 2014, is a research-oriented design studio that takes the design thinking output as the core, explores the potential attributes of materials and new application methods, and adheres to the sustainable design method.

The design services of MARIO TSAI STUDIO is not only limited to the field of product design, but also hopes to provide a front-end design thinking solution for customers from different fields with an open mind. MARIO TSAI STUDIO provides furniture design, industrial product design, art installation design and interior design,also provides consulting services such as strategy and art direction for the brand. MARIO TSAI STUDIO has provided design and branding services to brands and customers from China, Italy, Denmark and Norway, including Shangxia, Zaozuo, The Beast, Ferm living, Woud, Northern and many more. Mario Tsai was nominated ‘Rising star ’ in Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2017, and the projects of MARIO TSAI STUDIO have been published on the most famous design webs and magazines such as Dezeen, Wallpaper, Designboom, Designmilk, Elle deco, AD,Tatler and so on.
MARIO TSAI STUDIO takes the study of potential attributes of materials and the exploration of new application methods as the main research tasks, incorporating Mario Tsai’s aesthetic ideology and cognitive understanding of society and culture, hoping to find solutions to improve society and the environment, and adapt to the new application of design services. MARIO TSAI STUDIO adheres to the design principles of restraint in the design process, and achieves a soft minimalist state with less materials and processes. This is the sustainable design method Mario Tsai has been insisting on.