MUMOON is an international brand in the design world that focuses on lighting, contemporary furniture and accessories.

Founded in 2010, MUMOON creates products with a unique and original design. Closely linked to an international outlook and Nordic design, from the very outset MUMOON has welcomed partnerships with designers all over the world, developing ideas in step with contemporary design while turning emotions into projects. Research, craftsmanship, design and technological development are in MUMOON’s DNA. MUMOON is an atelier, where the products created have a story, an inspiration and a strong personality, making the space around them unique. Light and lighting are the company’s lifeblood, its story. From the simplest table lamp to spectacular lighting installations.
Since 2017, MUMOON has been facing a new challenge, designing furniture, complementary furnishings and accessories to create projects for contemporary living spaces. This path leads to new creative opportunities thanks to technical know-how, design research and the use of innovative materials.


Cosmonaut. New entry.

2019 / 03 | News

This new line of lamps was inspired by the world of space. The intersected metal support and a spherical glass lampshade represent the shape of a cosmonaut in the floor lamp, and the cosmos in the other versions.


Dondo. Time is light.

2019 / 03 | News

Taking inspiration from traditional clocks, the Dondo clock is a modern interpretation with an iconic and minimal design. Its form recalls the movement of a pendulum through its supporting legs attached to a metallic rocker.


Flagship stores

2019 / 03 | Events

Interior design, an art that seeks the perfect synchrony between space and man. The combination between space and its use. As in the creation of a tailored suit, the design of an environment must also be “sewn” according to the space and its content to enhance its each and every aspect.