MUMOON. A life more interesting

Mumoon is an international brand in the design world that focuses on lighting, contemporary furniture and accessories.


Cosmonaut. New entry.

2019 / 03 | News

This new line of lamps was inspired by the world of space. The intersected metal support and a spherical glass lampshade represent the shape of a cosmonaut in the floor lamp, and the cosmos in the other versions.


Dondo. Time is light.

2019 / 03 | News

Taking inspiration from traditional clocks, the Dondo clock is a modern interpretation with an iconic and minimal design. Its form recalls the movement of a pendulum through its supporting legs attached to a metallic rocker.


Flagship stores

2019 / 03 | Events

Interior design, an art that seeks the perfect synchrony between space and man. The combination between space and its use. As in the creation of a tailored suit, the design of an environment must also be “sewn” according to the space and its content to enhance its each and every aspect.